Gift Idea: Spa Baby Bath Tub!

I stumbled across this Spa Baby Bath Tub and thought they are so cute I just had to share. It would make quite an unusual gift idea. I found a blogger who already has one at this blog.

If you want to get one, it looks like you can currently only get these in the USA via their official site Spa Baby Bath Tubs as both Amazon USA and Amazon UK appear to have sold out 🙁  Hopefully they will get some in again soon!

7 Christening Gift Ideas for Boys

Here is a selection of christening gift ideas for boys – some are available at the Angel Gifts shop and others are for idea only.

7. A train tooth box

Trinket tooth boxes can store a treasured first tooth forever. Have you ever wondered why silver is traditionally given at christenings? Read this article:  In keeping with tradition.

Trinket box for first tooth

6. Blue teddy

No baby bedroom would be complete without lots of teddies and soft toys!

Teddy bear for a baby boy

5. Blue baby grow

Babies grow so quickly, and make a lot of mess. All extra clothing is always appreciated by mums and dads when there is so much washing to do!

Stripey boys outfit with hat

4. Birth Certificate Holder

A silver plated birth certificate holder makes a very useful boys christening gift to store that important certificate in perfect condition forever. Check out this birth certificate holder from Button Corner in the shop.

Birth certificate holder

5. Open a savings account

Opening a savings account in the name of the boy and adding some starter savings is a wonderful gesture for ensuring the baby begins life in good financial stead for the years to come. 

Silver money box gift idea

6. A silver letter opener

A very male gift,  a beautiful letter opener would make a charming gift to be treasured by the parents on behalf of the child until he is old enough to appreciate the exquisity – and stay safe!

Silver letter opener gift idea

7. A silver bangle

Silver christening bracelets are very traditional gifts.  Every baby boy should have one to wear at his christening and to look back on as a reminder of his special day.

Christening gift idea silver bracelet



In Keeping With Tradition

six pence (1)

Gift giving has been used for thousands of years as a way of celebrating a special occasion and mark an important event in a persons life.Silver six pence for a christening gift

Christening gifts and baptism presents began as small items of monetary or material value that could be saved as an initial investment for a child’s future. A silver six pence could be the beginning of a nest-egg to help start the child in good financial stead and gain independence in later life.

Looking as far back as the Tudor period, there began a tradition of giving Apostle spoons as christening gifts. These are silver spoons with an image of one of Jesus’s twelve apostles (disciples) on the handle.  The particularly wealthy would give a baby an entire set of twelve apostle spoons, whilst those less well off would give four spoons such as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Silver apostle spoonAlternatively just one spoon would be given with the saint whose name the child had been given. This is thought to be where the phrase “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” originated. Whilst giving Apostle spoons is now less common – the giving of silver still remains.

Silver was a very valuChristening tankardable currency, therefore giving an item of silver was a convenient way of setting up a nest egg for a new baby. The Victorians changed the emphasis from gifts of purely financial nature to gifts of intrinsic nature and thus the gifting of sterling silver began.

Silver egg cups, silver rattles, silver teethers, silver napkin rings and silver cutlery appeared in considerable numbers during the Victorian era. The silver christening cup or silver tankard was an adaptation of an earlier tradition dating back to the drinking vessels of Northern Europe.

It is important to remember that you don’t have to give silver as a christening gift. Whatever Christening gift you choose, you are continuing a practice that has lasted many thousands of years.

Top 7 Christening Gifts For Girls

pink teddy bear

In this post we’re sharing our favourite christening gifts for girls.

Here is our top 7 gifts for that special little girls’ big day.

1. A Sweet Photo Frame

Everybody loves a cute baby photo, and after the christening there will be lots of photos to display of the special day. A photo frame makes an ideal gift to remember the special occasion for years to come.

Our baby christening photo frame is still up on display in our living room showing our baby and all the family together in the church. A very precious memory. This is a firm favourite in this christening gifts for girls list.

christening gifts for girls photo frame

Get this Button Corner frame for £9.94 including free delivery.


2. A Cute Pink Teddy Bear

No baby’s bedroom would be complete without lots of teddies and soft toys! A teddy bear is an old favourite that can be relied upon for pretty much any occasion.

I love this pink teddy bear because it’s so soft, a lovely size and has a spotty pink bow. It’s very girls and a gorgeous gift for a baby girl’s Christening gift. Gorgeous!


Get this Aurora pink teddy for £8.75 including free delivery.


3. Pink Baby Clothing

Mums and Dads will certainly be grateful for this useful christening gift. Babies outgrow their clothes in no time at all. They also create a lot of mess so having lots of spare clothes available is always very welcome.

The options when choosing baby clothes are endless. I recommend going for the good old sleep suits, long-sleeved or short-sleeved vests, depending on the weather and socks. These are handy staples that babies wear a lot of and you know your present will be well used.

Fancier outfits are likely to be worn less often. Mothers may want to save such things for special occasions, and before you know it, they’ve been outgrown and to be honest, babies don’t know.

You just want things that are easy to put on and take off, wash well and are warm and comfortable!

princess mini girls sleep suit

Get this pink Minnie Mouse sleep suit for £19.99 and free delivery.


4. Send Beautiful Flowers

Flowers are a wonderful gesture of goodwill and best wishes. What better time to give some flowers and show your love than at a christening!

Although they’re not directly for the child, the parents will enjoy them and babies always love looking at bright colours and they will find smelling them interesting. That’s why it’s in our christening gifts for girls top 7.

Check out Flowers Plants Direct and order them from your own living room.

Free delivery flowers


5. Fairy Silver Trinket Box

Every child eventually loses their first tooth, and a silver trinket box keeps in tradition of giving silver at a christening, and also makes a lovely useful gift.

The box will remain a keepsake forever, a special place that holds that first memorable tooth.

first tooth trinket box

They’re also ideal for storing a first curl or a hospital name tag for safe keeping. A fairy on top is a welcome reminder of the tooth fairy!

Get this silver tooth fairy box for £10.95 including free delivery.


6. Open Them a Savings Account 

This is a more unusual one in our list of christening gifts for girls ideas.

Opening a savings account in the name of the baby and adding some beginner savings is a wonderful gesture for starting the baby in good financial stead for the years to come.

Depending on your relationship to the child, you could add a small amount to get them started, or set up a standing order to send them small amounts each month into their account.

7. A Silver Christening Bracelet

Christening bracelets are very traditional gifts, usually silver, and every baby should have one to look back on as a reminder of their special christening day.

They’re an essential keepsake and perfect for our top 7 christening gifts for girls. Personally I love this Ornami bracelet. It is small and fits a newborn baby.

baby girls christening bracelet
The Ornami bracelet is £10.72 with free delivery. 

I hope this list has given you some fantastic christening gifts for girls ideas. If you have any other ideas you’d like to share with us, please leave a comment below! Whatever gift you decide to give, what really matters is the thought, and enjoying the day with the little girl. Have a lovely christening.

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