7 Great Gift Ideas for a New Mum

Very often mums are forgotten when a new baby arrives (not intentionally) and the focus is all on buying the baby lots of gifts.

As a fairly new mum myself I wanted to write a post about some great gifts that are useful and would be appreciated for when you are shopping for a new baby – to also consider something for mum who also needs a bit of pampering and deserves a gift too after all that hard work!

1. Some Lovely Bath Products

It’s hard work looking after a new baby and a relaxing bath whilst the baby has gone asleep or someone else is looking after him/her often works wonders for feeling human again and recharging the batteries – made even better with some luxury bathbombs, fizzers or some good old bubble bath!

Gift ideas for mums

2. Chocolate

Not many people don’t love chocolate and it’s usually a welcome gift anytime, especially when you’ve just given birth! A cup of tea and some chocolate is a wonderful remedy for perking up any tired mum.

A gift idea for new mums is chocolate

3. A Bottle of Wine or Something Fizzy

After giving birth a glass of wine is definitely well deserved (perhaps not immediately!)¬†Although the new mum might be breastfeeding a glass is usually okay. Plus it’s always handy to have a bottle in for when you fancy it.

If you don’t think wine is appropriate a bottle of bucks fizz or luxury juice could always be an ¬†alternative option.



4. A Gift Voucher For Pampering

Be it a back and shoulder massage, hair cut or facial, a bit of pampering is always a fantastic new mums gift.

It’s not always easy getting away from a newborn for long, but an hour or two is usually possible and what better way to escape than to go and have a bit of time away being pampered.

Massage for new mum gift

5. Magazines

Gossipy magazines are good for kicking back and relaxing in the bath or whilst feeding the baby.

They’re a quick easy way of taking you out of your chaotic world for a little bit and focusing on some trashy news about soap stars or the latest Lady Gaga outfit!


6. Nursing Tea and Hot Chocolate

Yes I know I mention this one after the wine! But I swear by Neuner’s Nursing Tea for breastfeeding mums. It’s a herbal tea and fairly expensive (¬£5.79 for a box of 20 is the current price online) but it works wonders for increasing milk supply.

Breastfeeding mums gift idea is Neuners nursing tea

It has a very licorice flavour and is pleasant to drink. I believe it works by assisting fluid absorption and aiding milk production with the herbs. A few cups of this a day can have significant effects so be warned!*

*I am talking from personal experience only and cannot say how well it will work for other people. You can read the Amazon reviews here and see what you think.

I’m thinking of doing a review on this tea at some point in the future so if I do I’ll add the link to it in here.

Hot chocolate is also mentioned here because there’s nothing as lovely and comforting for a tired mum as a hot chocolate (especially if it’s made for you!) instead of nursing tea.

7. Flowers

Flowers are a very popular new mums gift and you can’t go far wrong with a nice bunch of something bright. The only difficulty might be (talking through personal experience here) is making sure the mum has enough vases because if everyone is sending bunches of flowers she might be stuck for where to put them.

It might seem a bit over-efficient but if you’re a close friend or family consider taking a spare vase too so you know the flowers will get to live in some fresh water just in case she has been inundated with flowers and has nowhere to put them!

Another option is to send flowers in a basket so a vase isn’t needed, and they’re likely to stay looking good longer too.


I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration if you’re looking for a new mum gift. If you have any other suggestions I’d love to hear from you so add a comment!