What’s Happening at Angel Gifts?

Hello, Zoë here. Here’s an update about what’s going at Angel Gifts at the moment. I’ll try and make these updates more frequent, as well as the usual blog posts!

Competition News

This week I ran another Twitter competition and gave away a beautiful little photo frame from the Bambino by Juliana range of baby gifts. This sweet frame features a teddy bear with diamonte for decoration. The lucky winner selected by Random Result was @mammylea20 from Fleetwood in Lancashire.

silver bambino photo frame

I also posted out a Button Corner clock that was won on Twitter the week before by @antloader from Essex. This competition received over 300 retweets and continued being retweeted well after the 9pm finish time!

New stock and photos

I had a large delivery from one of my suppliers this week with boxes of the most adorable gifts! I’ve still got several more to add to the online store yet and I can’t wait to get them on there.

I’ve been figuring out how to take photos of all the items to show them off at their best. Sometimes my current images just don’t do them justice and everyone likes as many photos as possible when shopping online. Over the next few weeks you will begin to see each of the items with lots more pictures!

Get social

I’m proud to say that Angel Gifts on Twitter is not far from 2000 followers! The current figure is 1845 followers. Within the next week I’d love to hit the big 2000. Can you help?

I also have an active Facebook page and a new Tumblr.

I’m yet to venture into Google+ yet but will definitely have a page there soon. Do you use Google+?

My favourite social media platform right now has got to be Pinterest. It’s such fun and a treasure trove of wonderful pictures of everything you can imagine. Join me there and follow along!

On the blog

New on the blog is the weekly feature celebrity baby news all about what’s happening each week in showbiz baby world. There’s also lots more regular posts, updates, information and features.


As well as all of this I’m busy shipping out orders to all the lovely people purchasing baby gifts! It’s my favourite part of running Angel Gifts, sending out the items I completely adore too.

Until next time…. Have a lovely week. Zoë

All about Button Corner Baby Gifts

Button Corner gifts are easily recognisable by bear and his best friend, rabbit. This pair get up to allsorts of mischief and adventures together!

Button Corner logo

Everything in the Button Corner range of baby gifts is neutral in colour – including beiges, yellows and whites – making them an ideal present for both baby boys and girls.

Button Corner is also a great choice for when shopping for a baby gift before the birth when you don’t yet know the sex.

It can be difficult buying a baby gift last minute so the range makes life easy when you want to be organised with your gift ahead of the special day. Many of the gifts come beautifully boxed too!

There are lots to choose from to suit everybody and they are also very affordable.

Buying a baby gift is always an exciting time! Here are some of our favourites from Button Corner to give you some ideas…

Silver rattle.

Silver is traditional for a christening gift. See a previous blog post about the history of giving silver at christenings.

This gorgeous silver rattle comes in a lovely little box and keeps within the age-old tradition.


Soft play rattle.

All new babies need one of these to shake and perhaps chew on – as they all love to do!

Baby soft rattle

Snow globe.

This Button Corner snow globe is very pretty and a popular gift. It looks lovely on display in a babies nursery or bedroom. It’s great to show babies the falling flakes and let them watch but it is definitely not a toy.

Snow Globe with teddy and rabbit

Ceramic wall clock.

This Button Corner clock makes a delightful finishing touch to any baby’s bedroom or nursery. Not only does it let you keep an eye on how long you’ve been with the baby, it encourages children from a young age to get to know about telling the time.

Baby Nursery Wall Clock

First tooth and curl boxes.

These cute little boxes feature the famous Button Corner rabbit and bear characters, one on each box. They are very sweet and create a safe place to store your baby’s precious first tooth and curl.

Tooth and Curl trinket boxes

First scan, second scan and first photo frame.

This is a firm favourite amongst the many photo frames here at Angel Gifts. This frame is truly beautiful and has space for a first scan, second scan and a first photograph. It has a glass covering over both sides and features a shiny silver teddy bear. Any pregnant friend receiving this would love it.

Button Corner photo frame

Whichever your favourite, Button Corner gifts are always high quality and beautifully presented. Visit the Angel Gifts shop today for many more and to view the full range available. All of our baby gifts are dispatched with quick delivery from within the UK.


Celeb Baby News – Wayne Rooney, JLS Marvin Humes and Jack P Shepherd

This week in celebrity baby news:

Wayne and Coleen Rooney

Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen welcomed a new baby into the world on Tuesday. They’ve named him Klay Anthony Rooney. His older brother is called Kai. Both names are similar yet unusual names beginning with K. Read more about why celebrities are matching their baby names in this Guardian article.

Both Wayne and Coleen are active Twitter users and tweeted the news to their millions of followers.


Image courtesy of The Guardian.

Marvin and Rochelle Humes

Another showbiz baby born this week was that of JLS member Marvin Humes and his wife, Saturdays member Rochelle Humes.

Alaia-Mai arrived on Monday morning and Marvin tweeted the news to his followers. Check out a great photo of the new Daddy here. What are the chances of this baby becoming a singer with both her mum and dad being very successful singers in bands? The odds are well in its favour!

marvin-and-rochelle-humes-baby Image by Andy Barnes (FameFlynet)

For more edgy and modern baby girl names check out this recent post on the blog.

Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepard (AKA David Platt)

The 25 year old actor most of us know well as on screen character David Platt, has just announced he and his fiancee, Lauren Shippey are expecting their second baby together.

Yet another avid Twitter used, Jack tweeted the news to his many fans. It will be Jack’s third baby after fathering a child in a one-night stand during 2010. Lucky for him, his wife-to-be forgave him and agreed to get married.

Anyone watching Coronation Street will know that the current storyline for David Platt is he’s expecting a child with his wife that is actually his brother Nicks. Jack P Shepherd’s Twitter followers were quick off the mark to ask of the baby news “is it Nicks?” He did seem to find the Nick jokes funny.


Image courtesy of The Sun

More celebrity baby news next week!

20 of the Most Unique Baby Girl Names

Each year there is a change in trends. New and modern baby girl names are becoming more popular – 2013 is no exception. In the past babies were named after their parents or other relatives but now we see babies named after places, colours, famous people, seasons and even numbers (Harper Seven!)


Here is our run down of the 20 most modern baby girl names for 2013

1. Arya – made popular by the current TV series Game of Thrones and still high on the list of 2013’s best baby girl names. Arya’s character is a tough girl with a heart and strong family values.

2. India – Cool and composed, this pretty name could be perfect. This name has that ethnic touch that some people love.

3. Olive – a gorgeous name, popular again after a break of a few years.

4. Blue – A colour we associate with boys but also makes a lovely girls name. Singer Beyonce named her daughter Blue Ivy.

5. Xandra – Unusual but cute, very modern and edgy. Many baby names are now much shorter than they used to be.

6. Zuri – Exotic sounding and beautiful. Similar to Suri Cruise, the name of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter.

7. Riley – Can be used for both girls and boys.

8. Kali – An Indian name that means bud. A very pretty name that has a hint of mystery.

9. Maya – Also sometimes spelled Miya or Miah. Whichever was you spell or say it, this name is lovely for a little girl.

10. Topaz – A beautiful colour full of subtle hues and a deep shine, now used as a girls name.

11. Jayden – unisex name but very nice for either a boy or girl.

12. Teal – Another colour, simple but pretty. Reminds me of a rich tapestry.

13. Elena – A modern twist on Eleanor and a beautiful town in Bulgaria.

14. Rain – Simple yet pretty and loved by eco-friendly mums and dads.

15. Eve – Old fashioned but enjoying a comeback as a trendy baby girl name.

16. Tia – Short and sweet, definitely rising amongst this years most favoured baby girl names.

17. Faye – Brings forth images of beauty, serenity and peace.

18. Logann – Can be used for both girls and boys, although usually spelled with an extra N for girls.

19. Trinity – A character in The Matrix films, this name is up and coming once again.

20. Zahara – There are not a lot of names beginning with Z, so any that do are unusual and exotic sounding.

Whichever name you choose, be mindful that your baby girl will live with it for a long time. Altering the spelling of a name can make it more exotic and unusual, but can lead to difficulties for others and in later in life.

You don’t always have to go for a modern name, there are many older baby girl names that are still fashionable and always will be – such as Elizabeth, Jennifer, Helen, Sophie and Lucy.

Celeb Baby News Weekly – Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and David Walliams

I’m excited to reveal a new feature here at the Angel Gifts blog – a round up each week of some of the latest celebrity baby news and gossip.

With no further a do I present – in celebrity baby news this week!!…

Kim Kardashian baby shower

A few details have been released about heavily pregnant Kim Kardashian’s baby shower. Kim has asked that all gifts and donations go to the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

This is a really nice idea and full respect to her for helping a good cause. A close friend, Sharon Sacks is organsing the baby shower. Exact theme and day haven’t yet been revealed.

Partner Kanye West is reported to have spent little time with Kim during her pregnancy due to working away on his new album. It’s believed her family have warned Kim that Kanye is treating her badly. Let’s hope that’s not true. The couple were seen spending some time together in Paris this week.


Image courtesy of Splash News

Kate Middleton shops in the rain

The beautiful Kate Middleton was seen out shopping for a new rug for the home she shares with Prince William, and of course some new nursery furniture for the new baby Prince or Princess soon to join the Royal Family.

She was dressed down in jeans and trainers and carried her own shopping bags (naturally), but her security held umbrellas over her.

The speculation is that Kate is due on the 13th or 14th July 2013. Not that it really matters because babies very rarely come on time! In fact only 5% are born on their “due date.” I gave birth four days late and only know of one person who’s baby arrived on the due date.

Kate is reported to be craving spicy food and eating a lot of chocolate and sweet things. Yep, sounds sounds about right!


David Walliams becomes a Dad

Also this week David Walliams became a dad. His wife, model Lara Stone (12 years younger), gave birth to a baby boy. No further details have been revealed about the baby but I’m sure it won’t be long until more is announced! They got married in 2010.

David Walliams & Lara Stone Go Christmas Shopping

Look out for more celebrity baby news next week!

Why Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys?

These days it is common practice to dress baby girls in the colour pink and baby boys in blue, but throughout history this has not always been the case.

There are many theories behind the colour/gender combination but if we look into our past we find that it is a pretty recent thing.

In days gone by, most babies wore simple white cotton dresses and garments as they were easily cleaned and could be passed from one child to the next regardless of gender.


Children used to be dressed in plain clothes. Public Domain Photo (Wiki Commons)

When did Things Change?

During the early 1940’s manufacturers had decided that a change was needed. It was then that pink became the colour for girls and blue for boys.

Many fashionable families followed this decision and over the following years it became widely acceptable across the globe that these were the colours our babies should be wearing.

As with most fashion statements what starts with the elite eventually filters down through the classes and can become the ‘norm’ in everyday life.


Baby girl dressed in pink. Public Domain Photo (Pixabay)

Baby fashion has changed many times over the years and advances in the materials used and manufacturing processes mean we have more choice than ever today.

Even when buying baby gifts we still see many babies in blue or pink although ultimately we can choose what our babies wear.

(Personally I love nothing more than dressing my baby girl in pink from head to toe!)


Baby boy in blue. Public Domain photo (Pixabay)

To be honest our babies don’t care what colour they wear, and many children don’t have an opinion on good or bad ‘colours’ unless it is pointed out to them as they grow older.

The trend for blue baby gifts for boys continues as does the opposite, pink baby gifts for girls. As so many people associate the colours with one sex or the other, it is an easy way to let the world know you have a new baby girl or baby boy.

Buying Baby Gifts

We all love to shower babies and young children with gifts, something they can grow up with and cherish when they are older. So take a look at some of my suggestions from Angel Gifts of what you could buy for that precious new arrival or extra special present.

Baby Boy Gifts

Our very own Boy’s Blue Door Stop Teddy Bear – A classic gift from the lovely Juliana range.


Or for something a little more neutral you could go for this delightful Button Corner Photo Frame “My First Year” where you can make a permanent record of baby’s first year.


Other great gifts for baby boys are mementoes and keepsakes that they can look upon in later life. Popular gifts are money boxes, teddy bears or even football strips.

Baby Girl Gifts

Take a look at this pretty Baby Girl Photo Frame by Laura Darrington, perfect for a little princess. This design has unfortunately been discontinued so get yours before they all go. (Currently 3 left in stock). It comes in a beautiful matching gift box.


Always a popular choice is our Pink Bear with Blanket by Button Corner, cute and cuddly just like a baby.


Little girls and even baby girls can be gifted jewellery, trinket boxes, beautiful memory books or in some cases pretty clothing or accessories.

10 of the Most Lavish Celebrity Baby Gifts

We’re all guilty of spoiling our babies at some point, but celebrities these days seem to be giving bigger, more expensive and luxurious gifts almost daily. Here is our run down of the top 10 most lavish baby gifts reported recently. What would you buy your baby if money was no object?

1. Beyonce, Jay-Z and 1 year old Blue Ivy

 Not only does baby Blue Ivy have a $1.5 million nursery it is rumoured that her star parents Beyonce and Jay-Z spent an overwhelming $1 million dollars for their baby’s first birthday back in January.

The gifts included an $80,000 jewel encrusted Barbie doll, expensive jewellery, playhouses and princess outfits.

Beyonce and Baby Ivy Gift

2. Tom Cruise and Daughter Suri

Speculation has it that Tom Cruise forked out a cool $7 million for daughter Suri’s birthday.

He bought the pretty girl a Gulf Stream Jet so she could fly between both of her parents homes and spend time with the Hollywood actor and his ex wife and actress Katie Holmes.

tom cruise and suri cruise

3. Sandra Bullock bought son Louis what?

 Reports that Sandra Bullock recently purchased an Andy Warhol print for son Louis seem to be true. The actress paid a sum of $14,000 at auction for the print titled ‘Peaches’.

4. Posh and Becks

This well known duo are reported to have spent a staggering $240,000 on decorations for baby Harper Seven’s nursery, I can’t even imagine what it looks like!

Victoria Beckham bought Harper lavish gifts

5. Diddy and Justin Combs

For his son’s 16th birthday, Diddy bought the teenager Justin Combs a $360,000 Maybach. The hip hop star and producer not only gave his son a very expensive car, he also threw a fantastic New York party for Justin in the M2 Ultralounge.

6. A Gift from Gwyneth Paltrow

Not only does baby Blue Ivy Carter have famous doting parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z; she is also a friend of actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gwyneth splashed out on a Bugaloo Cameleon stroller before Blue Ivy was born, retailing at $1,029 for this lucky tot.

Gwyneth Paltrow Baby Gifts

7. Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and their Twins

Twins Morrocan and Monroe are a lucky pair.

Their parents – singer Mariah Carey and movie producer Nick Cannon threw a lavish birthday party for the twins in Paris. Gifts included a toy Ferrari, miniature white piano and a rocking horse.

8. Elton John, David Furnish and their son Zachary

What better way to welcome your newborn son than with a $2 million nursery in Los Angeles? Situated in the exclusive Sierra Towers baby Zachary has his own apartment equipped with 2 nannies, right next door to his doting dads.

Elton John Baby Gifts for Zachary

9. Kelly Rowland Buys Lucky baby Blue Ivy a Bath

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby, Blue Ivy, certainly is a lucky little girl.

Before she was born rumours say that American singer and songwriter Kelly Rowland purchased a Swarovski crystal studded baby bath for $5,200 for her BFF’s baby.

This beautiful little girl seems to have it all, millionaire parents and a whole troupe of adoring, star studded friends who adore her.

Celebrities splashing out at Swarovski for their baby gifts

10. Brad Pitt and Daughter Shiloh

Rumour has it that when little Shiloh was just 3 years old, her father Brad Pitt bought 2 diamond and platinum necklaces. Each necklace was from famous jeweller Neil Lane, with one reported to be worth $15,000.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Baby Gift











Win a Button Corner Clock!

Button Corner Clock

I began my first competition (of many) on Twitter on Thursday to win a Button Corner ceramic clock. This clock is perfect for a boy or a girl and looks beautiful on the wall of a nursery or bedroom wall.

Button Corner clock for baby boy or girl gift

To enter all you have to do is follow me and retweet one of the competition tweets in my twitter feed @angelgiftsuk.

Screen shot 2013-05-05 at 14.59.14

The competition ends Sunday 5th May at 9pm.

I will then add each and every retweeter to a list and enter it into randomresult.com to pick a random winner.

The winner will be announced after 9pm on Sunday, and I will direct message them for their address details to post the clock!

So far there are over 200 entries so don’t miss out! Look out for lots more competitions and giveaways from Angel Gifts.

If like me, you really love this clock and want to make sure you get yours, it is also available to purchase in the Angel Gifts shop for just £7.99.

Good luck! 🙂

PS. Are you on Facebook? Come and like us!


The Story of the Teddy Bear

Every baby needs at least one teddy bear. Bears are very traditional gifts and someone usually buys a new baby in the family a bear (or two, or three…)

Teddies make the perfect baby gift because they suit a boy or a girl, they’re soft, cuddly, safe and are always fun to play with.

Have you ever wondered though who invented teddy bears? Where did they come from?

Here’s a little story about a very famous bear…

(and no I’m not going to tell you the introduction to Super Ted, although that is a good story too).

On 14th November in 1902, Theodore Roosevelt (the 26th President of the United States) was on a bear hunt in Mississippi. Roosevelt found a wounded young bear. To stop the bear suffering any further he ordered the bear be killed.

The Washington Post heard about what had happened on the bear hunt and printed a cartoon of the incident drawn by a political cartoonist called Clifford K. Berryman.

The cartoon was given the title “Drawing the line in Mississippi.”

In the first cartoon sketch Berryman drew the bear looking fierce, because it had actually killed a hunting dog which led to it becoming wounded. He later redrew it as a cute and cuddly bear.

The cartoon and story became hugely popular.

Theodore Roosevelt Teddy Bear

 Cartoon by Clifford Berryman, published in Washington Post, 1902.

Morris Michton

Morris Michton saw the cartoon and decided to make the bear into a toy.

He made a bear and put it in his window with a sign next to it saying “Teddy’s bear” – Teddy being short for Theodore Roosevelt. Michton’s bears became a big success.

The Steiff Firm

But the story doesn’t end there. Whilst this was going on, the Steiff firm in Germany  had created their own stuffed bear and were completely unaware of Michton’s Teddy Roosevelt teddy bear. It is thought both creators had no idea about the other’s bears due to such poor methods of communication between countries at that time.

Modern Teddy Bears

The first teddy bears looked like real bears with long noses and beady eyes. Later versions became the cute and cuddly bears we see today, as well as being much softer (and safer).

There are all types of bears you can buy. Big ones, small ones, every colour you can think of. You will never have any trouble finding a teddy bear as a baby gift.

There is even “build a bear” company which lets you design how you want your teddy to look (I love this idea).

Here at Angel Gifts we have several different teddy bears for baby to choose from.



Seeing as I mentioned Super Ted earlier – here’s that intro!

What about you? Have you got an old teddy bear from your childhood you still treasure?