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Month: June 2013

20 Edgy Baby Boys Names For 2013

Are you expecting a baby boy and stuck on which name to pick? Have a look at our top 20 guide to the most edgy and modern baby boy’s names for 2013. There is a wide choice and we’re sure you can find a little inspiration. What’s Hot for 2013 in the baby boy names stakes? Jagger – he might have been a rocker, but this name is at the top of the charts for boys in 2013. Lincoln – It’s a place and surname of an American president, but it’s also a very modern name for your little one. Hawkins – Unusual and strong sounding. Knox – Another strong name that is masculine but yet cool. Jamison – A modern twist on James and pretty hip as a boys name. Axel – Memories of another rock star, unique and perfect for some. Nico – Popular in 2012 and still going strong. Xander – TV star and actress January Jones named her baby boy this and we think it’s pretty edgy too. Jace – Is it a shortened version of Jason or just a new and hip name for cool kids? Mason – Solid and suitable for either boys or girls, plus we like it. Lucas or Lukas – whichever way you spell it it’s a nice name for a boy. Dominic – Making a comeback is this classic...

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Pink Teddy Bear Pictures

Teddies are awesome and all babies love them. They exist in all types of forms. There are big ones, small ones, soft and cuddly ones, ornaments, door stops, key rings, and the list goes on and on. Pink teddy bears are very traditional gifts for a baby girl. You can never go wrong buying a newborn baby girl a teddy bear. My baby daughter is huge fan of her pink bears. She has a couple of favourites but still loves them all. I decided to do a post featuring 6 very cute pink teddy bear pictures. Our first pink bear is soft and silky with a big pink bow.   This bear is not for babies although babies would definitely enjoy admiring and touching it. This is actually a tiny teddy bear brooch from Etsy. Next comes this pink door stop teddy bear. He sits proudly holding a little girls bedroom door open. This bear is beautiful and also heavy, being a door stop! It’s an important job. This girls teddy bear is a collectable Beanie Bear. I love the gorgeous rich dark pink colour of his fur, very pretty. Of course it wouldn’t be a complete list of pink teddy bear pictures without featuring a Care Bear. Does anyone else remember them? Children of the 80s definitely should! And finally is our Button Corner bear holding his treasured pink blanket. He is...

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