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Month: July 2013

Get Your Photos Out!

Is the digital age the end of photos? Now you may read this and think ‘No I have loads of photos!’. But where are those photos? I am guessing on the most part you’re a social media sinner like me. I have 100’s of photos, but you will not see many of them around my house. They are trapped in my laptop, on my Facebook, or overflowing in my Photobucket… It seems many of us these days are lazy snappers, we will whip our phone out and take photos. We will even upload them and share with friends. But gone are the days where we wait impatiently as Boots develop them and we open them up ready to cringe at the embarrassing photos as they are first glanced upon. Those embarrassing photos, yes they can be deleted quickly, that is not really the problem. It is those gorgeous photos of our little loved ones that get left in phones, get tweeted or liked, but we don’t appreciate them in our own homes. There are so many ways to display photos these days. You can go online and find people who can print your photos direct to canvas by uploading an image. My favourite way though, is a good photo frame. No longer do we have to suffer the plain 6 x 4 mahogany frames that you remember from your childhoods....

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Bring on the Baby Showers – Games and Gifts!

Once an American tradition, it seems us Brits aren’t far behind and the Baby shower is becoming increasingly popular. It also seems that it is not just an event for the expectant mums of the world, as now dads are starting to take part in the party. So where do we start? What do we do? And who plans it? Well we are here to help with some ideas for games and gifts to make your expectant mum’s baby shower something creative and full of giggles. We get started with the etiquette of baby showers, and who should actually be throwing them for mum to be. Tradition would suggest that anyone but the expectant couple and preferably not a relative to avoid it looking like the family is asking for presents. I would suggest ignoring tradition on this occasion and anyone who wishes to throw mum to be a party should do so… All expectant mums should be spoilt. Image courtesy of Alison Jackson for Shloer Now for the fun part of the planning…..The GAMES! We are all kids at heart and baby shower games (although a bit tongue in cheek) are all funny and light hearted. Here are a few of my favourites. Delectable Dirty Nappies Though completely harmless, this may not be for the squeamish. You need to buy a variety of chocolate, e.g. Mars bars, Galaxy, Flake,...

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Celeb Baby News This Week – Zara Philips and Kate Middleton

Zara Philips is Pregnant Buckingham palace announced today that Zara Phillips, granddaughter to the Queen, and Mark Tindall, ex England rugby star, are to have their first child together.  This news comes before the imminent arrival of Kate Middleton’s baby, due at some point this month. Despite it being announced that she is 3 months pregnant she has continued to compete in some risky equestrian events, on Saturday at a competition in Banbury she fell off her horse but was reported to be ‘fine’. Zara and Mark’s baby will be born 16th in line to the throne, and with their parents sporting background you can expect them to be a superstar in the future. Baby will make their appearance in the New Year and will be the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s Forth great grandchild. The Prime ministers official spokesperson said that the announcement was ‘quite terrific news’. Despite the arrival of Baby Tindall, Zara still intends on competing in the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 wanting to improve on the silver she received in London 2012. I am sure we all wish them the best in the future and that Baby Tindall arrives safe and well.  Who knows who will be next in the royal family? Baby born using new IVF screening technique A baby has been born in the US using a new method for screening embryos...

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