The Story of Rapunzel and a Lovely Little Girl’s Gift

Rapunzel piggy bank

Most of us our familiar with the fairytale of Rapunzel. If you’re not, here is a summary of the original tale of this story (I had this Ladybird version)

The original Rapunzel

rapunzel-ladybird-book There was a childless couple that lived in a house that overlooked a beautiful garden. The couple prayed every day to God. They longed for a child and hoped he would bless them with one.  One day, they found they were finally having a baby.

They were very very happy, until the wife became ill. She stopped eating and the husband became very worried that his wife was going to waste away. He offered her lots of nice things to eat, but she didn’t want to eat anything at all.

He begged her, “please, you must eat something”. She thought hard about it and said “in the garden next door there is a herb called Rapunzel. I will feel better if I can eat that.” When the husband heard this, his heart sank.

The witches garden

A wicked witch owned this garden and she didn’t let anybody in. Because he loved his wife and wanted her to get  better, he decided he would go and get the herb whilst the witch was away.

He managed to get some of the special Rapunzel herb. But as he was leaving the garden, the witch appeared. “YOU THIEF! How dare you enter my garden”. She screamed at him. rapunzel-wicked-witchThe witch threatened him with a curse. He fell to his feet and begged her, “no, please, don’t curse me. My wife needs this herb. If she doesn’t get it, she will die. Soon she is having our baby and she is very ill”.

This made the witch stop and think. “Okay, I will let you go on one condition. After the baby is born, you will give it to me”. The husband’s heart sank. He had no other choice. He agreed, the wicked witch could have his newborn child.

A new baby girl

He gave the Rapunzel herb to his wife, and she recovered quickly and soon gave birth to their beautiful baby girl. The husband had made the witch a promise though, and she had not forgotten. She arrived and took the baby away.

They had named her Rapunzel after the herb that healed her mother. The witch locked her in a very high tower with no doors or stairs. There was just a single window on the top.

Locked in the tower

Rapunzel only ever saw the wicked witch whilst she lived in the tower. She grew up and became a beautiful woman. She had attractive eyes, a delicate soft voice, and golden hair that grew and grew.

She was desperately unhappy and would just sing to herself and cry whilst she was alone. The wicked witch would bring her food to the tower every day. To get to Rapunzel the witch had to shout:

“Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!”

And instantly Rapunzel dropped her long, plaited her through the window and fell all the way down to the ground. The witch would then use the rope to climb up into the tower.

A passing prince

One day, a prince happened to be passing by and he could hear singing. The singing was beautiful and he fell in love with her voice. He began to visit the tower every day, just to hear her sing. A few days later, the prince noticed the witch climbing up the tower using Rapunzel’s hair after shouting for her. The next day, the prince shouted out

“Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!”

Instantly, Rapunzel threw down her hair. The prince climbed up to the top and after this he came to see Rapunzel each night.

Caught out

One day, the witch found the Prince with Rapunzel. She pushed him out of the tower. He landed in a thorny bush and was blinded. She then banished Rapunzel into a far away desert. rapunzel-in-desertBut thankfully, the story doesn’t end here.

Many years passed. The blind prince wandered alone until he reached the desert where Rapunzel had been banished to. He heard the singing he had fallen in love with. He kept following the sound until they finally found each other.

They hugged and Rapunzel shed tears of joy at being reunited with the prince. Some of the tears fell into the prince’s eyes, and by miracle. he regained his vision.

Happily ever after

The prince took Rapunzel to the kingdom where he lived and they lived happily ever after together.

A few friends have recommended watching the Disney film Tangled which is based on the story of Rapunzel. Have you seen it? I’d love to know what you think about the modern version. When I get round to watching it I will write a post and let you know.

Our Rapunzel Money Box

Little girls love fairy tales and thankfully this one had a happy ending. This week newly added to the Angel Gifts shop is this beautiful Rapunzel Money Box. It’s a lovely reminder of the story and very pretty. silver-rapunzel-money-box

Rapunzel herself is leaning out of the window of her tower with her hair flowing down to the ground, whilst the Prince is at the bottom ready to climb up.

There are flowers to the left and right of the prince and on top are turrets and a flag with a heart on it. This money box looks stunning wherever it is displayed and adds a touch of elegance to any little girls room.

Money boxes are always great gifts as they encourage saving from an early age which is really important.

This Rapunzel money box is in stock and available now from Angel Gifts for £16.99


Celebrity Baby News in August

It’s been a while since I’ve written a celebrity baby round up post so this is going to be a quick fire summary of what’s been going on over the past couple of weeks in showbiz baby world…

Danielle Lloyd gives birth to third  boy

Scouse beauty Danielle Lloyd has just given birth to a baby boy – her third son. She was really hoping for a girl and when it was revealed she was having another boy, it’s reported she was really upset about it. After getting home and reassessing the situation, she realised she was being silly and how lucky she is to have three healthy boys. Danielle herself said this is her last child and there are no plans for anymore.


Kate Middleton in public

The Duchess of Cambridge  has made her first public appearance since the birth of baby George. She was attending the start of an ultra-marathon in Anglesey. They were without George who Kate told a member of the crowd he was staying with his grandma.


Simon Cowell smoking in front of pregnant girlfriend

There are widespread calls for Simon Cowell to quit smoking as he could be harming his unborn baby whilst smoking in front of Lauren Silverman. It was a surprise that Simon Cowell is expecting a child with his friends ex. A friend of Lauren’s reported that he has been trying to cut down.

lauren silverman simon cowell 

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has baby

Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas has just given birth to a baby boy called Axl Jack Duhamel. She had three baby showers in total before the birth of Axl. Husband Josh of four years reported what good care she had been taking of herself, and how excited they were to meet the new baby boy.


Katie Price baby Jett still in hospital

Yesterday Jordan announced on Twitter that her 2 week old son with third husband Kieron Hayler was still in hospital suffering with breathing problems. She was forced to have the baby 8 weeks early with an emergency caesarean whilst abroad on holiday due to some unexpected complications.  We hope he gets better very soon and can go home. Jett is a very unusual but nice name for a baby boy.


Cinderella Money Box

Cinderella coach silver money box

One of our most popular baby girls presents is the Cinderella money box. It makes the perfect christening gift but is also great for any other occasion.

Here’s a reminder of what the original coach looked like in Disney’s Cinderella film!

Cinderella is the story of a servant girl who lives with her evil step mum and two ugly sisters. They treat her very badly.

With the help of some mice and Cinderella’s fairy godmother, she is turned into a beautiful princess just for one night. She goes to the prince’s ball and travels in a pumpkin that has been turned into a magical coach.

Cinderella must return by midnight or the fairy godmother’s spell will be broken and she will return to her original form as a servant girl. Whilst at the ball she falls in love with the handsome prince. As the clock turns midnight she has to rush off before she changes back, and on her way out she leaves a single glass slipper behind.

The prince is desperate to find the princess and owner of the glass slipper. He manages to find Cinderella and rescues her from her step mother and ugly sisters. They live happily ever after together.

Our Cinderella Money Box

Our real life Cinderella coach is certain to be adored by any little princess, especially those who are Disney fans (or future fans if the recipient is still a baby!).

It is in the shape of the original Cinderella coach and has four wheels, a steeple on top and a princess face on the side.


Technical information

  • The money box is fairly heavy and feels solid, even though it isn’t solid inside, demonstrating its high build quality.
  • There is a slot for collecting coins on the top. The coins can be accessed from underneath the coach by removing the plug.
  • Approximate measurements are 10.5cm x 12cm x 9.5cm.
  • It is silver plated and very reflective. It is so shiny you can see yourself in it.
  • It arrives wrapped in plastic and tissue for protection in a presentation box.

The magical Cinderella Money Box is in stock and available from Angel Gifts for £19.95.



William and Kate Overwhelmed with Royal Baby Gifts!

It comes as no surprise that new little Royal George has received a shed load of baby gifts from well wishers.

They have so many gifts that they’ve got to the point where William and Kate have asked people to stop sending their gifts and instead to please make a donation to the Imperial College Healthcare Charity. This is a charity based at St Mary’s Hospital where George was born.

The Royal aides have been reported to be struggling with the tens of thousands of gifts and cards that have flooded in for George since his arrival on 22nd July 2013.

You can’t blame people for wanting to send a gift. But you can imagine just how difficult it must be to handle so many at once. One thing’s for sure, George certainly won’t go short of anything.


Some of the Royal baby gifts included-

  • Box set of Roald Dahl books from Prime Minister David Cameron
  • Hand embroidered blanket made by nuns in Spain from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg
  • Reserved seat for George marked with a plaque in the Greene King Pub in Cambridge
  • Tricycle from London Mayor Boris Johnson
  • Three year old apple tree from Labour leader Ed Miliband
  • A personalised Aston Villa football strip from the club itself
  • Mini skinny jeans and hoodie from Kanye West
  • Baby salt water crocodile from an Australian state

There is a very mixed bag of presents here – and many more that are not listed. What would you send to the boy who has everything?

Here at Angel Gifts our most popular baby boy gift is this very cool looking pirate ship money box. When it’s engraved it adds an extra special personal touch.

If I were to choose to send George something it would be this, or you can’t go wrong with a classic teddy bear.

Pirate Ship Money Box

When giving any baby gift, it’s always the thought that counts and I’m sure William and Kate are very thankful for every one of George’s presents. We wish them well and I’m sure there will be lots more baby news to come from them.


Baby First Christmas Gifts

baby first christmas gift

Christmas will soon be round the corner before we know it and it’s never too early to be prepared.

A baby’s first christmas is a very special time indeed! You want to buy a memorable and important gift for the special little person you know.

Christmas is always a time to be cherished with friends and family. Plus lots of baby cuddles, smiles and laughter. Everyone will want to see the new baby, and it can be a very busy time for all concerned!

Baby First Christmas Gifts

To make life easier when shopping for those baby first Christmas gifts, this Button Corner “My First Christmas” bear is a perfect gift for a baby girl or boy for their first christmas.

baby first christmas gift

This cute bear is lovely and soft. He holds a star with his message written across it. Like all Button Corner gifts, he is high quality and neutral in colour so can be given to girls or boys.

What other first Christmas gifts could you buy?

A special baby photo frame is always a popular gift, especially if you add a photo inside before you give it to the recipients and surprise them with it.

A baby money box complete with a few coins already added will make a thoughtful and useful gift for years to come.

Whatever Christmas gift you decide to give, have a wonderful time and create lots of special memories that will be treasured forever!