Silver Football Money Boxes – For Little, and Big Boys

Football shaped money box

Everyone will agree that most boys love football. In fact many are obsessed with playing the ‘beautiful game’ whenever possible and having the latest kit.


At Angel Gifts we offer two exquisite silver football money boxes, ideal for the young football fan, or the future fan.

Silver is also traditionally given as a christening gift and these money boxes are always well received by the family of a little boy at his christening day. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with an unusual christening gift. These money boxes are the solution where boys are concerned!

First is our silver plated football money box.

football money box

It is smaller than you might expect at around 8cm x 8cm x 6cm which adds to its charm. There is a slot at the top to add the coins and a twist off opening underneath to access the coins. It comes wrapped up in a presentation box and carefully packaged.

This is in stock now for £8.99 – very affordable and also money boxes have an important function. They encourage children to save. You could even add a few coins to get the collection started.

Second is our silver football boot money box.


This football boot has actual studs underneath and looks very smart on display in a boys room. Its approximate size is 13cm x 9cm x 7.5cm.

It is £9.99 in the Angel Gifts shop. The money box arrives wrapped and inside a presentation box.

For bigger boys

These football money boxes have also been used for football collections in local pubs and have gone down very well with customers who comment on their charm!

Although they are aimed at children, adults do appreciate them too. You can imagine either one of them on display and people commenting on how nice they are.


When given to a younger boy, it is a gift they will still appreciate for years to come that will grow with them. They could even be used to save up money for season tickets! What team do you think they will end up supporting?!

Both money boxes are silver plated yet very affordable. They make thoughtful gifts for a baby boy (or bigger boy). Visit Angel Gifts for a fast and friendly service and order yours!


What is a Christening?

What is a christening

What is a Christening?

What is a Christening?

We know that christenings are religious events that take part in a church. A christening is actually the same thing as a baptism.

Typically there is a church service held by the vicar, followed by the child being blessed over a font using some sacred water. Often christenings take place within the same main weekly Sunday service.

Parents and Godparents read out small sections of a service sheet together throughout the christening service.  Usually boys have two Godfathers and one Godmother, whilst girls have two Godmothers and one Godfather.

The christening service itself is usually short and lasts around 20 minutes. Afterwards there is usually a gathering of family and friends for food and drinks at a home or venue.

What is a christening?

The religious meaning of a christening

The original meaning of a christening is to erase the child’s original sin and for them to become a fully pledged child of God.

It also signifies the child officially becoming a part of the church and Christian faith. Chosen Godparents are said to have a duty in raising the child to believe in the church commandments, and also to guide them as they grow up.

The pouring of the water over the forehead at the font signifies the cleaning of sin, and is followed by the formal naming of the child.

Why do people have a Christening?

Some of the reasons are:

  • For faith and religious reasons
  • It is something nice to do for the child and is like a party in their honour
  • It is a great way of getting all of the family together and create memories