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Month: October 2013

Pirate Ship Money Box

This beautiful silver pirate ship is one of our most popular baby boys gifts, and rightly so. Money boxes are always great gifts for babies and children because they give an incentive to start saving from an early age. All children should have their own money box. Our pirate ship money box comes in two options, engraved or blank (standard). Attention to detail This gift always receives lots of attention and compliments. On camera it’s not easy to capture just how detailed and exquisite it really is. There is the window, port holes, mast with cross bones etched onto...

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Christening Poems

Here a few lovely christening poems to consider for your christening service. Christening Poems May angels guide you May angels guide you on your journey in life, and sprinkle you with their love and light. May you have the gifts of laughter and song, and be filled with dreams that last all the days long. May you live and care with kindness and grace, and know within your soul, courage and faith. You will be wrapped in the warmth of your family and friends, and rays of love will shine on you without end. A darling angel Your darling...

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11 Christening Day Facts

Over 10,000 christenings per month take place within Church of England churches. Around 7,000 of those a month are babies under a year old, and around 3,000 are aged between 1 and 12 years old. All churches welcome christenings and are happy to baptise new youngsters. Here 10 interesting facts about christenings 1. Is there a difference between a christening and a baptism? The answer is no. There is no difference. Babies get ‘baptised’ during the ‘christening’. This is similar to couples getting ‘married’ at a ‘wedding’. The terminology can be confusing because people refer to baptisms gifts and...

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What To Wear To a Christening

A christening, like a wedding, is a happy event to be celebrated. But a lot of people don’t have a clue what to wear to a christening. Although there is no official dress code, when going to a christening you would usually opt for a smart day time look, wearing light or bright colours. Black and dark clothes represent unhappy events. A new baby has been born so it’s a celebration! The time of year and weather will of course have a big impact on what you wear. In autumn and winter, women will be unlikely to be out...

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