For My Grandchild Memory Book Review

for my grandchild book

This is our review of the For My Grandchild Memory Book by Fill and Tell

Grandchildren Memory Book

The For My Grandchild Memory Book is a wonderful gift where you can share your life stories, hopes and dreams for the future with your grandchildren, giving them a long lasting and personal keepsake that they can cherish.

Grandchildren are a precious and a wondrous addition to our lives who deserve the best of everything and as much love and knowledge as we can bestow on them.

Starting a memory book for your grandchild can bring about hours of reminiscing, joyous memories and fantastic tales of things that have happened throughout your life.

Sharing these memories with your grandchild is an ideal way to preserve them and pass knowledge down through the generations.

Memories are Special to All

grandchild memory book

Sharing wisdom with your grandchild is easy with the memory book, inside the book you will find 50 thick, quality pages where you can add snippets of life, family history or even special tokens or mementoes.

The book can be filled in over time with help from your grandchild or given to them as a special gift full of your own words.

At 22 by 23 centimetres the memory book is perfect for smaller hands and also has a padded cover.

Each chapter of the book focuses on a different area of life such as your favourite things, travels and adventure, how your own parents met and other titles.


You can add as much or as little information as you want and give it your own personal touch, this will help your grandchild understand the person you are and how you became that person.

Spread Joy and Wisdom

The For My Grandchild Memory Book is a gift that keeps on giving, as your grandchild grows up he or she can compare some of their own stories to yours and also add other items about their close family and life.

This Fill and Tell book is also one of a set of two available to buy as keepsakes all with colourful illustrations that bring each page to life. The second book is called My Best Book About Me.

The For My Grandchild Memory book is a fun item that can be embellished over time with your hopes and aspirations for your grandchild.

Tell him or her all about your own childhood, allow them to see the differences between the generations and when they are adults they will have fond memories of stories and snippets of wisdom told to them by you.

grandchildren memory book gift

Treasured Moments

Filling out the For My Grandchild Memory Book is an excellent way to start sharing those treasured moments from your own childhood with your grandchild.

Recounting special times, remembering your own early days and writing down all of those wonderful moments that helped to shape you into the person you are.

Grandparents play a large part in the lives of their grandchildren so it is a special gift to share with them your own story, family history and more.

With plenty of space to share everything the memory book could become a family heirloom that will be treasured for many years, to be enjoyed and passed down through multiple generations.

Get yours for £24.99 including delivery.

*These have now been discontinued but there are still a few around so if you want one, be quick!


Pirate Ship Money Box

Engraved pirate ship money box

This beautiful silver pirate ship is one of our most popular baby boys gifts, and rightly so.

Money boxes are always great gifts for babies and children because they give an incentive to start saving from an early age. All children should have their own money box.

Our pirate ship money box comes in two options, engraved or blank (standard).

Boys Gift Pirate Piggy Bank

Attention to detail

This gift always receives lots of attention and compliments. On camera it’s not easy to capture just how detailed and exquisite it really is.

There is the window, port holes, mast with cross bones etched onto the front, hanging front anchor, pirate flag on the top with skull and two ‘ropes’ going up from the ship to the mast. It is silver-plated and very reflective.

There is a slot on the top for children to drop coins inside, as well as a twist off opening underneath to access them.

Dimensions are 14cm x 6cm x 6cm. It’s the perfect size to be displayed with pride on a bedroom shelf or desk.

Jolly Roger Silver Pirate Ship

Personalised Money Box

At Angel Gifts, engraving is also offered as an option. You can choose to have up to two lines, with 25 characters per line (including spaces). The more text you have, the smaller the writing so less is more.

Some engraving ideas include:

  • Happy Birthday James
  • For Pirate Ryan
  • On Your Christening Lucas
  • Noah’s Pirate Ship
  • Well Done Thomas
  • 1st Birthday Liam
  • Christening Day 03.11.13

Silver Plated Pirate Ship

The pirate ship money box is the perfect baby boy gift for any occasion, especially as a boys christening gift.

Get yours for £11.25 including free delivery.

Silver Football Money Boxes – For Little, and Big Boys

Football shaped money box

Everyone will agree that most boys love football. In fact many are obsessed with playing the ‘beautiful game’ whenever possible and having the latest kit.


At Angel Gifts we offer two exquisite silver football money boxes, ideal for the young football fan, or the future fan.

Silver is also traditionally given as a christening gift and these money boxes are always well received by the family of a little boy at his christening day. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with an unusual christening gift. These money boxes are the solution where boys are concerned!

First is our silver plated football money box.

football money box

It is smaller than you might expect at around 8cm x 8cm x 6cm which adds to its charm. There is a slot at the top to add the coins and a twist off opening underneath to access the coins. It comes wrapped up in a presentation box and carefully packaged.

This is in stock now for £8.99 – very affordable and also money boxes have an important function. They encourage children to save. You could even add a few coins to get the collection started.

Second is our silver football boot money box.


This football boot has actual studs underneath and looks very smart on display in a boys room. Its approximate size is 13cm x 9cm x 7.5cm.

It is £9.99 in the Angel Gifts shop. The money box arrives wrapped and inside a presentation box.

For bigger boys

These football money boxes have also been used for football collections in local pubs and have gone down very well with customers who comment on their charm!

Although they are aimed at children, adults do appreciate them too. You can imagine either one of them on display and people commenting on how nice they are.


When given to a younger boy, it is a gift they will still appreciate for years to come that will grow with them. They could even be used to save up money for season tickets! What team do you think they will end up supporting?!

Both money boxes are silver plated yet very affordable. They make thoughtful gifts for a baby boy (or bigger boy). Visit Angel Gifts for a fast and friendly service and order yours!


The Story of Rapunzel and a Lovely Little Girl’s Gift

Rapunzel piggy bank

Most of us our familiar with the fairytale of Rapunzel. If you’re not, here is a summary of the original tale of this story (I had this Ladybird version)

The original Rapunzel

rapunzel-ladybird-book There was a childless couple that lived in a house that overlooked a beautiful garden. The couple prayed every day to God. They longed for a child and hoped he would bless them with one.  One day, they found they were finally having a baby.

They were very very happy, until the wife became ill. She stopped eating and the husband became very worried that his wife was going to waste away. He offered her lots of nice things to eat, but she didn’t want to eat anything at all.

He begged her, “please, you must eat something”. She thought hard about it and said “in the garden next door there is a herb called Rapunzel. I will feel better if I can eat that.” When the husband heard this, his heart sank.

The witches garden

A wicked witch owned this garden and she didn’t let anybody in. Because he loved his wife and wanted her to get  better, he decided he would go and get the herb whilst the witch was away.

He managed to get some of the special Rapunzel herb. But as he was leaving the garden, the witch appeared. “YOU THIEF! How dare you enter my garden”. She screamed at him. rapunzel-wicked-witchThe witch threatened him with a curse. He fell to his feet and begged her, “no, please, don’t curse me. My wife needs this herb. If she doesn’t get it, she will die. Soon she is having our baby and she is very ill”.

This made the witch stop and think. “Okay, I will let you go on one condition. After the baby is born, you will give it to me”. The husband’s heart sank. He had no other choice. He agreed, the wicked witch could have his newborn child.

A new baby girl

He gave the Rapunzel herb to his wife, and she recovered quickly and soon gave birth to their beautiful baby girl. The husband had made the witch a promise though, and she had not forgotten. She arrived and took the baby away.

They had named her Rapunzel after the herb that healed her mother. The witch locked her in a very high tower with no doors or stairs. There was just a single window on the top.

Locked in the tower

Rapunzel only ever saw the wicked witch whilst she lived in the tower. She grew up and became a beautiful woman. She had attractive eyes, a delicate soft voice, and golden hair that grew and grew.

She was desperately unhappy and would just sing to herself and cry whilst she was alone. The wicked witch would bring her food to the tower every day. To get to Rapunzel the witch had to shout:

“Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!”

And instantly Rapunzel dropped her long, plaited her through the window and fell all the way down to the ground. The witch would then use the rope to climb up into the tower.

A passing prince

One day, a prince happened to be passing by and he could hear singing. The singing was beautiful and he fell in love with her voice. He began to visit the tower every day, just to hear her sing. A few days later, the prince noticed the witch climbing up the tower using Rapunzel’s hair after shouting for her. The next day, the prince shouted out

“Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!”

Instantly, Rapunzel threw down her hair. The prince climbed up to the top and after this he came to see Rapunzel each night.

Caught out

One day, the witch found the Prince with Rapunzel. She pushed him out of the tower. He landed in a thorny bush and was blinded. She then banished Rapunzel into a far away desert. rapunzel-in-desertBut thankfully, the story doesn’t end here.

Many years passed. The blind prince wandered alone until he reached the desert where Rapunzel had been banished to. He heard the singing he had fallen in love with. He kept following the sound until they finally found each other.

They hugged and Rapunzel shed tears of joy at being reunited with the prince. Some of the tears fell into the prince’s eyes, and by miracle. he regained his vision.

Happily ever after

The prince took Rapunzel to the kingdom where he lived and they lived happily ever after together.

A few friends have recommended watching the Disney film Tangled which is based on the story of Rapunzel. Have you seen it? I’d love to know what you think about the modern version. When I get round to watching it I will write a post and let you know.

Our Rapunzel Money Box

Little girls love fairy tales and thankfully this one had a happy ending. This week newly added to the Angel Gifts shop is this beautiful Rapunzel Money Box. It’s a lovely reminder of the story and very pretty. silver-rapunzel-money-box

Rapunzel herself is leaning out of the window of her tower with her hair flowing down to the ground, whilst the Prince is at the bottom ready to climb up.

There are flowers to the left and right of the prince and on top are turrets and a flag with a heart on it. This money box looks stunning wherever it is displayed and adds a touch of elegance to any little girls room.

Money boxes are always great gifts as they encourage saving from an early age which is really important.

This Rapunzel money box is in stock and available now from Angel Gifts for £16.99


Cinderella Money Box

Cinderella coach silver money box

One of our most popular baby girls presents is the Cinderella money box. It makes the perfect christening gift but is also great for any other occasion.

Here’s a reminder of what the original coach looked like in Disney’s Cinderella film!

Cinderella is the story of a servant girl who lives with her evil step mum and two ugly sisters. They treat her very badly.

With the help of some mice and Cinderella’s fairy godmother, she is turned into a beautiful princess just for one night. She goes to the prince’s ball and travels in a pumpkin that has been turned into a magical coach.

Cinderella must return by midnight or the fairy godmother’s spell will be broken and she will return to her original form as a servant girl. Whilst at the ball she falls in love with the handsome prince. As the clock turns midnight she has to rush off before she changes back, and on her way out she leaves a single glass slipper behind.

The prince is desperate to find the princess and owner of the glass slipper. He manages to find Cinderella and rescues her from her step mother and ugly sisters. They live happily ever after together.

Our Cinderella Money Box

Our real life Cinderella coach is certain to be adored by any little princess, especially those who are Disney fans (or future fans if the recipient is still a baby!).

It is in the shape of the original Cinderella coach and has four wheels, a steeple on top and a princess face on the side.


Technical information

  • The money box is fairly heavy and feels solid, even though it isn’t solid inside, demonstrating its high build quality.
  • There is a slot for collecting coins on the top. The coins can be accessed from underneath the coach by removing the plug.
  • Approximate measurements are 10.5cm x 12cm x 9.5cm.
  • It is silver plated and very reflective. It is so shiny you can see yourself in it.
  • It arrives wrapped in plastic and tissue for protection in a presentation box.

The magical Cinderella Money Box is in stock and available from Angel Gifts for £19.95.



Baby First Christmas Gifts

baby first christmas gift

Christmas will soon be round the corner before we know it and it’s never too early to be prepared.

A baby’s first christmas is a very special time indeed! You want to buy a memorable and important gift for the special little person you know.

Christmas is always a time to be cherished with friends and family. Plus lots of baby cuddles, smiles and laughter. Everyone will want to see the new baby, and it can be a very busy time for all concerned!

Baby First Christmas Gifts

To make life easier when shopping for those baby first Christmas gifts, this Button Corner “My First Christmas” bear is a perfect gift for a baby girl or boy for their first christmas.

baby first christmas gift

This cute bear is lovely and soft. He holds a star with his message written across it. Like all Button Corner gifts, he is high quality and neutral in colour so can be given to girls or boys.

What other first Christmas gifts could you buy?

A special baby photo frame is always a popular gift, especially if you add a photo inside before you give it to the recipients and surprise them with it.

A baby money box complete with a few coins already added will make a thoughtful and useful gift for years to come.

Whatever Christmas gift you decide to give, have a wonderful time and create lots of special memories that will be treasured forever!

Get Your Photos Out!

Is the digital age the end of photos?

Now you may read this and think ‘No I have loads of photos!’.

But where are those photos? I am guessing on the most part you’re a social media sinner like me. I have 100’s of photos, but you will not see many of them around my house. They are trapped in my laptop, on my Facebook, or overflowing in my Photobucket…

It seems many of us these days are lazy snappers, we will whip our phone out and take photos. We will even upload them and share with friends. But gone are the days where we wait impatiently as Boots develop them and we open them up ready to cringe at the embarrassing photos as they are first glanced upon.

Those embarrassing photos, yes they can be deleted quickly, that is not really the problem. It is those gorgeous photos of our little loved ones that get left in phones, get tweeted or liked, but we don’t appreciate them in our own homes.

There are so many ways to display photos these days. You can go online and find people who can print your photos direct to canvas by uploading an image.

My favourite way though, is a good photo frame.

No longer do we have to suffer the plain 6 x 4 mahogany frames that you remember from your childhoods. Instead you can choose from a range of eye catching frames. They will draw your visitor’s eyes, and even yours as you walk around your home. Filling you with that warm feeling when you remember when…

Grandparents especially have lots of photographs about their houses and often have books filled with photographs. This beautiful Grandchild photo frame is something simple, but one that will be adored by any grandparent.


Our little ones, they grow up so fast. We get so caught up in the day to day activities of being new parents that we can forget to organise our photographs.


Then a couple of years down the line you rack your brains trying to remember exactly how old your little one was when he first started sucking his thumb or the day he first smiled at you.

These memories are ones you should cherish, because it won’t be long before they are bigger than you. So cherish being a parent, display your bundle of joy with pride in a cute first year photo frame and you will be surprised how much they change in just one year.

Finally something so simple, but stunning at the same time. Perfect for that first baby photograph to take pride of place on the mantel piece, or placed at your desk at work. It is cute, small and simple.


It is worth it to take the time to print off images from your social media site. There are even booths in super markets now that do the job for you. If you find getting your photos printed difficult there are websites such as Snapfish and Photobox that will do the printing and post them right to your door.

Get your photos out and display them with pride!


All about Button Corner Baby Gifts

Button Corner gifts are easily recognisable by bear and his best friend, rabbit. This pair get up to allsorts of mischief and adventures together!

Button Corner logo

Everything in the Button Corner range of baby gifts is neutral in colour – including beiges, yellows and whites – making them an ideal present for both baby boys and girls.

Button Corner is also a great choice for when shopping for a baby gift before the birth when you don’t yet know the sex.

It can be difficult buying a baby gift last minute so the range makes life easy when you want to be organised with your gift ahead of the special day. Many of the gifts come beautifully boxed too!

There are lots to choose from to suit everybody and they are also very affordable.

Buying a baby gift is always an exciting time! Here are some of our favourites from Button Corner to give you some ideas…

Silver rattle.

Silver is traditional for a christening gift. See a previous blog post about the history of giving silver at christenings.

This gorgeous silver rattle comes in a lovely little box and keeps within the age-old tradition.


Soft play rattle.

All new babies need one of these to shake and perhaps chew on – as they all love to do!

Baby soft rattle

Snow globe.

This Button Corner snow globe is very pretty and a popular gift. It looks lovely on display in a babies nursery or bedroom. It’s great to show babies the falling flakes and let them watch but it is definitely not a toy.

Snow Globe with teddy and rabbit

Ceramic wall clock.

This Button Corner clock makes a delightful finishing touch to any baby’s bedroom or nursery. Not only does it let you keep an eye on how long you’ve been with the baby, it encourages children from a young age to get to know about telling the time.

Baby Nursery Wall Clock

First tooth and curl boxes.

These cute little boxes feature the famous Button Corner rabbit and bear characters, one on each box. They are very sweet and create a safe place to store your baby’s precious first tooth and curl.

Tooth and Curl trinket boxes

First scan, second scan and first photo frame.

This is a firm favourite amongst the many photo frames here at Angel Gifts. This frame is truly beautiful and has space for a first scan, second scan and a first photograph. It has a glass covering over both sides and features a shiny silver teddy bear. Any pregnant friend receiving this would love it.

Button Corner photo frame

Whichever your favourite, Button Corner gifts are always high quality and beautifully presented. Visit the Angel Gifts shop today for many more and to view the full range available. All of our baby gifts are dispatched with quick delivery from within the UK.


Why Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys?

These days it is common practice to dress baby girls in the colour pink and baby boys in blue, but throughout history this has not always been the case.

There are many theories behind the colour/gender combination but if we look into our past we find that it is a pretty recent thing.

In days gone by, most babies wore simple white cotton dresses and garments as they were easily cleaned and could be passed from one child to the next regardless of gender.


Children used to be dressed in plain clothes. Public Domain Photo (Wiki Commons)

When did Things Change?

During the early 1940’s manufacturers had decided that a change was needed. It was then that pink became the colour for girls and blue for boys.

Many fashionable families followed this decision and over the following years it became widely acceptable across the globe that these were the colours our babies should be wearing.

As with most fashion statements what starts with the elite eventually filters down through the classes and can become the ‘norm’ in everyday life.


Baby girl dressed in pink. Public Domain Photo (Pixabay)

Baby fashion has changed many times over the years and advances in the materials used and manufacturing processes mean we have more choice than ever today.

Even when buying baby gifts we still see many babies in blue or pink although ultimately we can choose what our babies wear.

(Personally I love nothing more than dressing my baby girl in pink from head to toe!)


Baby boy in blue. Public Domain photo (Pixabay)

To be honest our babies don’t care what colour they wear, and many children don’t have an opinion on good or bad ‘colours’ unless it is pointed out to them as they grow older.

The trend for blue baby gifts for boys continues as does the opposite, pink baby gifts for girls. As so many people associate the colours with one sex or the other, it is an easy way to let the world know you have a new baby girl or baby boy.

Buying Baby Gifts

We all love to shower babies and young children with gifts, something they can grow up with and cherish when they are older. So take a look at some of my suggestions from Angel Gifts of what you could buy for that precious new arrival or extra special present.

Baby Boy Gifts

Our very own Boy’s Blue Door Stop Teddy Bear – A classic gift from the lovely Juliana range.


Or for something a little more neutral you could go for this delightful Button Corner Photo Frame “My First Year” where you can make a permanent record of baby’s first year.


Other great gifts for baby boys are mementoes and keepsakes that they can look upon in later life. Popular gifts are money boxes, teddy bears or even football strips.

Baby Girl Gifts

Take a look at this pretty Baby Girl Photo Frame by Laura Darrington, perfect for a little princess. This design has unfortunately been discontinued so get yours before they all go. (Currently 3 left in stock). It comes in a beautiful matching gift box.


Always a popular choice is our Pink Bear with Blanket by Button Corner, cute and cuddly just like a baby.


Little girls and even baby girls can be gifted jewellery, trinket boxes, beautiful memory books or in some cases pretty clothing or accessories.

The Story of the Teddy Bear

Every baby needs at least one teddy bear. Bears are very traditional gifts and someone usually buys a new baby in the family a bear (or two, or three…)

Teddies make the perfect baby gift because they suit a boy or a girl, they’re soft, cuddly, safe and are always fun to play with.

Have you ever wondered though who invented teddy bears? Where did they come from?

Here’s a little story about a very famous bear…

(and no I’m not going to tell you the introduction to Super Ted, although that is a good story too).

On 14th November in 1902, Theodore Roosevelt (the 26th President of the United States) was on a bear hunt in Mississippi. Roosevelt found a wounded young bear. To stop the bear suffering any further he ordered the bear be killed.

The Washington Post heard about what had happened on the bear hunt and printed a cartoon of the incident drawn by a political cartoonist called Clifford K. Berryman.

The cartoon was given the title “Drawing the line in Mississippi.”

In the first cartoon sketch Berryman drew the bear looking fierce, because it had actually killed a hunting dog which led to it becoming wounded. He later redrew it as a cute and cuddly bear.

The cartoon and story became hugely popular.

Theodore Roosevelt Teddy Bear

 Cartoon by Clifford Berryman, published in Washington Post, 1902.

Morris Michton

Morris Michton saw the cartoon and decided to make the bear into a toy.

He made a bear and put it in his window with a sign next to it saying “Teddy’s bear” – Teddy being short for Theodore Roosevelt. Michton’s bears became a big success.

The Steiff Firm

But the story doesn’t end there. Whilst this was going on, the Steiff firm in Germany  had created their own stuffed bear and were completely unaware of Michton’s Teddy Roosevelt teddy bear. It is thought both creators had no idea about the other’s bears due to such poor methods of communication between countries at that time.

Modern Teddy Bears

The first teddy bears looked like real bears with long noses and beady eyes. Later versions became the cute and cuddly bears we see today, as well as being much softer (and safer).

There are all types of bears you can buy. Big ones, small ones, every colour you can think of. You will never have any trouble finding a teddy bear as a baby gift.

There is even “build a bear” company which lets you design how you want your teddy to look (I love this idea).

Here at Angel Gifts we have several different teddy bears for baby to choose from.



Seeing as I mentioned Super Ted earlier – here’s that intro!

What about you? Have you got an old teddy bear from your childhood you still treasure?

A China Tea Set From The Queen

The list of gifts that the Royal Family and Prime Minister David Cameron have given to the US President Barack Obama over the past few years has just been revealed.

Gifts from the Royal Family have included:

(Images are not real and for artistic purposes only)

A 15-piece china tea set

China Tea Set

 An eagle tapestry

Eagle Tapestry

A dog toy



A Brooch

Gold brooch from the Queen

A red leather-bound volume called “A Selection of Papers From the Royal Archives 1834-1897”

Red book from the queen

Signed photos of the Queen


In total the presents from the Royal Family and Prime Minister to Obama have totalled £4606.

It turns out that the President and his wife receive so many gifts they don’t usually keep them and instead they end up in the US National Archives.

Here is a full archive of all the gifts ever given to Barack Obama including the gift itself and identity of the donator – it’s an interesting and unusual list of presents!

It’s often very difficult to buy for someone who you think has everything they could possibly need. I’m sure many of us have been in that situation when you don’t have any clue what to get.

Thankfully there is never that problem at Angel Gifts as babies are the easiest of all people to shop for, as well as possibly the most enjoyable!

What would you give someone who had everything?

Baby Gift Idea – Photo “Gift Experience”

I like to feature unusual baby gift ideas every so often on my blog
– ideas that you wouldn’t instantly think of.

I’ve been looking for a photographer to have a professional portrait of my own new baby done.


Whilst looking I found baby photography “gift experiences.”

I never would have considered buying somebody a photography session as a gift but what a great idea for any new parent!

I know I would have thought this a very cool gift had I received one for my baby.

The company I found is called PixiFoto. Prices ranged from £9.99 to £20 for a gift experience including a photo. It’s a great price for most budgets.

I’m sure lots of other photographers do them too if you shop around locally.

Gift Idea: Spa Baby Bath Tub!

I stumbled across this Spa Baby Bath Tub and thought they are so cute I just had to share. It would make quite an unusual gift idea. I found a blogger who already has one at this blog.

If you want to get one, it looks like you can currently only get these in the USA via their official site Spa Baby Bath Tubs as both Amazon USA and Amazon UK appear to have sold out 🙁  Hopefully they will get some in again soon!

7 Christening Gift Ideas for Boys

Here is a selection of christening gift ideas for boys – some are available at the Angel Gifts shop and others are for idea only.

7. A train tooth box

Trinket tooth boxes can store a treasured first tooth forever. Have you ever wondered why silver is traditionally given at christenings? Read this article:  In keeping with tradition.

Trinket box for first tooth

6. Blue teddy

No baby bedroom would be complete without lots of teddies and soft toys!

Teddy bear for a baby boy

5. Blue baby grow

Babies grow so quickly, and make a lot of mess. All extra clothing is always appreciated by mums and dads when there is so much washing to do!

Stripey boys outfit with hat

4. Birth Certificate Holder

A silver plated birth certificate holder makes a very useful boys christening gift to store that important certificate in perfect condition forever. Check out this birth certificate holder from Button Corner in the shop.

Birth certificate holder

5. Open a savings account

Opening a savings account in the name of the boy and adding some starter savings is a wonderful gesture for ensuring the baby begins life in good financial stead for the years to come. 

Silver money box gift idea

6. A silver letter opener

A very male gift,  a beautiful letter opener would make a charming gift to be treasured by the parents on behalf of the child until he is old enough to appreciate the exquisity – and stay safe!

Silver letter opener gift idea

7. A silver bangle

Silver christening bracelets are very traditional gifts.  Every baby boy should have one to wear at his christening and to look back on as a reminder of his special day.

Christening gift idea silver bracelet



In Keeping With Tradition

six pence (1)

Gift giving has been used for thousands of years as a way of celebrating a special occasion and mark an important event in a persons life.Silver six pence for a christening gift

Christening gifts and baptism presents began as small items of monetary or material value that could be saved as an initial investment for a child’s future. A silver six pence could be the beginning of a nest-egg to help start the child in good financial stead and gain independence in later life.

Looking as far back as the Tudor period, there began a tradition of giving Apostle spoons as christening gifts. These are silver spoons with an image of one of Jesus’s twelve apostles (disciples) on the handle.  The particularly wealthy would give a baby an entire set of twelve apostle spoons, whilst those less well off would give four spoons such as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Silver apostle spoonAlternatively just one spoon would be given with the saint whose name the child had been given. This is thought to be where the phrase “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” originated. Whilst giving Apostle spoons is now less common – the giving of silver still remains.

Silver was a very valuChristening tankardable currency, therefore giving an item of silver was a convenient way of setting up a nest egg for a new baby. The Victorians changed the emphasis from gifts of purely financial nature to gifts of intrinsic nature and thus the gifting of sterling silver began.

Silver egg cups, silver rattles, silver teethers, silver napkin rings and silver cutlery appeared in considerable numbers during the Victorian era. The silver christening cup or silver tankard was an adaptation of an earlier tradition dating back to the drinking vessels of Northern Europe.

It is important to remember that you don’t have to give silver as a christening gift. Whatever Christening gift you choose, you are continuing a practice that has lasted many thousands of years.

Top 7 Christening Gifts For Girls

pink teddy bear

In this post we’re sharing our favourite christening gifts for girls.

Here is our top 7 gifts for that special little girls’ big day.

1. A Sweet Photo Frame

Everybody loves a cute baby photo, and after the christening there will be lots of photos to display of the special day. A photo frame makes an ideal gift to remember the special occasion for years to come.

Our baby christening photo frame is still up on display in our living room showing our baby and all the family together in the church. A very precious memory. This is a firm favourite in this christening gifts for girls list.

christening gifts for girls photo frame

Get this Button Corner frame for £9.94 including free delivery.


2. A Cute Pink Teddy Bear

No baby’s bedroom would be complete without lots of teddies and soft toys! A teddy bear is an old favourite that can be relied upon for pretty much any occasion.

I love this pink teddy bear because it’s so soft, a lovely size and has a spotty pink bow. It’s very girls and a gorgeous gift for a baby girl’s Christening gift. Gorgeous!


Get this Aurora pink teddy for £8.75 including free delivery.


3. Pink Baby Clothing

Mums and Dads will certainly be grateful for this useful christening gift. Babies outgrow their clothes in no time at all. They also create a lot of mess so having lots of spare clothes available is always very welcome.

The options when choosing baby clothes are endless. I recommend going for the good old sleep suits, long-sleeved or short-sleeved vests, depending on the weather and socks. These are handy staples that babies wear a lot of and you know your present will be well used.

Fancier outfits are likely to be worn less often. Mothers may want to save such things for special occasions, and before you know it, they’ve been outgrown and to be honest, babies don’t know.

You just want things that are easy to put on and take off, wash well and are warm and comfortable!

princess mini girls sleep suit

Get this pink Minnie Mouse sleep suit for £19.99 and free delivery.


4. Send Beautiful Flowers

Flowers are a wonderful gesture of goodwill and best wishes. What better time to give some flowers and show your love than at a christening!

Although they’re not directly for the child, the parents will enjoy them and babies always love looking at bright colours and they will find smelling them interesting. That’s why it’s in our christening gifts for girls top 7.

Check out Flowers Plants Direct and order them from your own living room.

Free delivery flowers


5. Fairy Silver Trinket Box

Every child eventually loses their first tooth, and a silver trinket box keeps in tradition of giving silver at a christening, and also makes a lovely useful gift.

The box will remain a keepsake forever, a special place that holds that first memorable tooth.

first tooth trinket box

They’re also ideal for storing a first curl or a hospital name tag for safe keeping. A fairy on top is a welcome reminder of the tooth fairy!

Get this silver tooth fairy box for £10.95 including free delivery.


6. Open Them a Savings Account 

This is a more unusual one in our list of christening gifts for girls ideas.

Opening a savings account in the name of the baby and adding some beginner savings is a wonderful gesture for starting the baby in good financial stead for the years to come.

Depending on your relationship to the child, you could add a small amount to get them started, or set up a standing order to send them small amounts each month into their account.

7. A Silver Christening Bracelet

Christening bracelets are very traditional gifts, usually silver, and every baby should have one to look back on as a reminder of their special christening day.

They’re an essential keepsake and perfect for our top 7 christening gifts for girls. Personally I love this Ornami bracelet. It is small and fits a newborn baby.

baby girls christening bracelet
The Ornami bracelet is £10.72 with free delivery. 

I hope this list has given you some fantastic christening gifts for girls ideas. If you have any other ideas you’d like to share with us, please leave a comment below! Whatever gift you decide to give, what really matters is the thought, and enjoying the day with the little girl. Have a lovely christening.