Godparent of the month: Sirius Black

On the blog I will be featuring famous godparents.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Harry Potter whether or not you have read the books or seen the films.

Harry’s godfather was Sirius Black who was a very significant figure in his life. The things I most remember about Sirius are that he used to turn into a black dog and he gave Harry the surprise gift of a new faster Firebolt broom.

You can learn more about Sirius here.

Being a Godmother

It’s truly a wonderful thing to be asked to be a godmother. But what does it mean? Well it can mean as little or as much as you want it to be.

What it means to be a godmother

Traditionally as a godmother you would be a spiritual advisor, there to offer religious and moral guidance.

These days however, being a godmother is much less of a religious role and you are there more as a support to the child in addition to the birth parents.

Particularly you are there if anything should happen to the birth parents, to help ensure the child is well looked after. You can remain close to the baby as it grows and nurture your relationship with the child.

It’s traditional for godmothers to buy the baby a special gift.

In years gone by it was customary for godparents to give a silver spoon.

Now a wide range of gifts can be given from the godparent. Some are still religious and traditional, whilst some gifts can be sentimental or useful. The type of godmother you would like to be may influence the christening gift you choose.

Cinderella’s godmother is one of the most famous of all godmothers. Here’s a fun video clip of her!

Some gifts ideas for godmothers:

  • A beautiful silver keepsake from a godmother is always a great idea. Such keepsakes could be a silver christening bracelet or silver trinket box. This can be traditional and as religious as you want it to be. It will be treasured forever by the child as a reminder of their godparent.
  • You could open a small savings account with a little money in it each year to go to the child in later life. This could be put towards study or a deposit for a house one day. This is both useful, thoughtful and shows you care.
  • A functional present like a blanket or teddy can still be treasured and loved. You can get buy some beautiful blankets that are embroidered with the babies name giving a personal touch – or even make your own.

Why not also check out my baby gifts shop for lots of godparent gift ideas.

Whatever you choose to give your godchild, a small token is really all that is needed to show you care and that you will offer your support and affection to them in the future.