For My Grandchild Memory Book Review

This is our review of the For My Grandchild Memory Book by Fill and Tell

Grandchildren Memory Book

The For My Grandchild Memory Book is a wonderful gift where you can share your life stories, hopes and dreams for the future with your grandchildren, giving them a long lasting and personal keepsake that they can cherish.

Grandchildren are a precious and a wondrous addition to our lives who deserve the best of everything and as much love and knowledge as we can bestow on them.

Starting a memory book for your grandchild can bring about hours of reminiscing, joyous memories and fantastic tales of things that have happened throughout your life.

Sharing these memories with your grandchild is an ideal way to preserve them and pass knowledge down through the generations.

Memories are Special to All

grandchild memory book

Sharing wisdom with your grandchild is easy with the memory book, inside the book you will find 50 thick, quality pages where you can add snippets of life, family history or even special tokens or mementoes.

The book can be filled in over time with help from your grandchild or given to them as a special gift full of your own words.

At 22 by 23 centimetres the memory book is perfect for smaller hands and also has a padded cover.

Each chapter of the book focuses on a different area of life such as your favourite things, travels and adventure, how your own parents met and other titles.


You can add as much or as little information as you want and give it your own personal touch, this will help your grandchild understand the person you are and how you became that person.

Spread Joy and Wisdom

The For My Grandchild Memory Book is a gift that keeps on giving, as your grandchild grows up he or she can compare some of their own stories to yours and also add other items about their close family and life.

This Fill and Tell book is also one of a set of two available to buy as keepsakes all with colourful illustrations that bring each page to life. The second book is called My Best Book About Me.

The For My Grandchild Memory book is a fun item that can be embellished over time with your hopes and aspirations for your grandchild.

Tell him or her all about your own childhood, allow them to see the differences between the generations and when they are adults they will have fond memories of stories and snippets of wisdom told to them by you.

grandchildren memory book gift

Treasured Moments

Filling out the For My Grandchild Memory Book is an excellent way to start sharing those treasured moments from your own childhood with your grandchild.

Recounting special times, remembering your own early days and writing down all of those wonderful moments that helped to shape you into the person you are.

Grandparents play a large part in the lives of their grandchildren so it is a special gift to share with them your own story, family history and more.

With plenty of space to share everything the memory book could become a family heirloom that will be treasured for many years, to be enjoyed and passed down through multiple generations.

Get yours for £24.99 including delivery.

*These have now been discontinued but there are still a few around so if you want one, be quick!


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