What To Wear To a Christening

A christening, like a wedding, is a happy event to be celebrated. But a lot of people don’t have a clue what to wear to a christening.

Although there is no official dress code, when going to a christening you would usually opt for a smart day time look, wearing light or bright colours. Black and dark clothes represent unhappy events.

A new baby has been born so it’s a celebration!

The time of year and weather will of course have a big impact on what you wear. In autumn and winter, women will be unlikely to be out in sandals and a mini skirt. It will more likely be trousers, coats and cardigans.

It is still possible to look cheery even though the sun may not be shining on the day with a few bright accessories.

Churches are also notoriously cold, so you will likely be keeping your coat on until the reception afterwards. If the day is during summer you will have your pick of a wide range of possibilities.

What to wear to a christening


For women aim to wear one of, or a mix of the following:

  • Feminine
  • Light
  • Bright
  • Floral
  • Avoid all black – it’s a celebration

For men aim to wear:

  • Smart but casual is acceptable, usually in trousers, a shirt and some shoes
  • Wearing a tie gives added bonus points but is in no way essential
  • Avoid jeans and trainers

Great places to look for ideas for a christening outfit are in these stores:

Next.co.uk – classic outfits for both young and older men and women

Debenhams.com – a wide range of clothes to suit every taste

Asos.com – always young and fresh, for those who like to wear the latest trends

Whatever you decide, don’t get too hung up on what to wear to a christening.

You just being there is what’s most important to the hosts, to help them celebrate the birth of their child. There is no doubt that any effort you put into what you wear will be much appreciated.

Remember to choose a traditional christening gift to take along with you. Something classic and charming such as a silver money box or a silver plated rattle is always a welcome keepsake.

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